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About  Payshark

Payshark Payroll Kenya is a comprehensive Payroll and Human Resource solution for Small and Medium business in Kenya. Payshark is designed to be a full stack payroll in Kenya solution covering the employee journey: from entry into the company using the interview module; employee onboarding process by stalling the payroll and human resource data into the enterprise system; other than paying the monthly payroll, Payshark Payroll Kenya goes a step further to manage employee daily performance using the timesheets and work presence using the leave day modules.

Business Problem

Payroll management is set up as a human resource task. Most Human Resource Managers are equipped more with people management skills and not arithmetic skills. Doing payroll manually is also tedious, and in most cases, the end product is prone to mistakes. Traditional Payroll in Kenya systems have been developed to try to solve this; these systems are however offline software. Offline software has a disadvantage in that one can not work “outside” their machine where the software has been installed; it is also hard to collaborate where one has to create the payroll, and another person approves it.

Business Solution

Payshark payroll solves these problems by creating a cloud Human Resource System that has payroll management as a key feature. The payroll is on cloud hence can be accessed from any gadget that has internet access. The system is automated with formulas set in the back end; this makes it easy for anyone to use even with limited knowledge of the technical Payroll laws and formulas. Being a beautiful system with a simplified user experience, Payshark Payroll is the best alternative for Accountants, Human resource managers, and Entrepreneurs.

Social Impact

Payshark payroll Kenya works as a virtual assistant or robot that helps you decode the complexity in doing payroll to making it a simplified process that is automated to a level that you can manage your company payroll from your smartphone. The cost and necessity of hiring a payroll specialist is reduced, and efficiency is increased by eliminating human error

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Payshark is Transforming Kenya Payroll

Powerful System

The system can do multiple functions including Payroll, Reports, Payslips, leave manager and loans analysis.

Beautiful Interface

Payshark payroll is built to have the best online system interface in East Africa creating an outstanding user experience.

Simple Payroll

The Payroll structure is simplified so that you make tasks with a few clicks like payroll & payslip automation etc.