Payroll Guide

Payshark Payroll Guide

This is a guide to Payshark Payroll the number one Online Kenya Payroll.

This guide will share the guides in three formats:

  • Text Guide
  • Visual Guide
  • Video Guide

Organization Set-up in Payshark:

  1. Account Creation
  2. Forgot Password reset
  3. Account Setting Update
  4. Payshark Payroll Users


Employee Update in Payshark

  1. Adding Employee

  2. Uploading Employee

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  3. Downloading Employee

  4. Employee Documents


Running Payroll in Payshark

  1. Payroll Process

  2. Payroll Approval

  3. Sending Payslip

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Payroll Reports

  1. Payroll Report

  2. Human Resource

  3. NHIF Report

  4. PAYE Report

  5. NSSF Report

  6. Bank Report

  7. Payslips