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Payshark Features

See below the Payshark payroll features. Why you need us.

Human Resource System

Manage employee demographic data online | Store employee files online |Share company documents online | Archive employee data online | Generate Demographic reports.

Payroll Management

One click payroll | NHIF Report, NSSF Report, PAYE Report, P9 Report, Payroll Ledger | Automate Pay slips | Employee self-service

Leave Manager Kenya

Leave Application through Employee self-service portal | Leave Approval Online | Leave Tracking reports | Employee Statement | Leave Report


Loan Manager Kenya

Loan Application through Employee self-service Portal | Loan Approval Online | Detailed Loan reports.

Indirect Benefits

Employee Salary Advance | Company Payroll Financing | Company Premium Insurance Financing | Mobile App with all system Features

Other Payshark Benefits

Employee Self-Service | Online Payroll Kenya | No Installation required | No special computer specifications | No Installation Costs | Seamless Integration | Pay as you go | Accessible from Anywhere | Accessible on Mobile and Desktop.

Stand Out

Payshark is the number one cloud payroll system in Kenya.